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Pure Moxie | AT&T Karaoke Mashup
Pure Moxie is a different kind of advertising agency. We believe our clients are and should be pioneers and rebels, innovative and uncompromising in their pursuit of their best. We help great organizations accomplish amazing things.
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AT&T Karaoke Mashup

This is not your father’s AT&T. When this Fortune 50 company wanted ideas to engage the ever-elusive group of 20 and 30 year olds, they came to Pure Moxie. We immediately jumped into action and created a platform for individuals to show off their singing talents with their friends. Pure Moxie developed the Karaoke MashUp app that encourages you to perform Karaoke to your favorite song and then invite your friends to join. The technology generates a music video “mash up” and allows friends, families and strangers to vote for the best mash up of the week for cash prizes.